Monthly Archives: January 2010

Batman returns in porn

So our brave superbat returns in a new porn episode! Let’s see, let’s see… Well, here is what we’ve prepared for you: Robin having lovely sex with the batgirl, the Two-face giving it oral to Poison Ivy, Batgirl sucking Alfred’s cock hard, having her face covered with Batman’s semen and simply showing her naked body to us. We’ve decided to change the original styling a little to make a more interesting effect. And I must admit that this series looks very attractive for the toon porn lovers. You should go and check for yourselves – good luck!

batman sex

Scooby Doo – the next porn part

When we released another Scooby Doo porn episode, you guys began writing us letters with requests like “add some fucking monsters, dude!”, and we couldn’t just sit and do nothing, so we’ve decided to satisfy your appeals. Here you go – a giant green octopus fucking Daphne and Velma while the guys are shamefully escaping; a furious threesome scene starring Daphne, Velma and Fred; Velma fucking Daphne in the library with a magnifying glass; Dapne fucked by a mummy and a classic one – Shaggy and Scooby doing poor Velma from both sides. Well, I think this series should satisfy you for a little while 🙂

scooby doo porn

The Flinstones – porn sequel

Good old Flinstone family. What can you wait from them? You’ve seen different sex scenes starring them, and nobody could possibly surprise you. Wrong! ‘Cause we can. And we do. Watch the Flinstone and Rubble families having an unbelievable sex orgy, with Fred and Wilma fucking 69, Barney and Fred covering their wifes’ faces with hot semen, fucking them on the cars and dinosaurs. But the girls are desperate for sex anyway, and they want more, so they climb a huge dinosaur and ride his spikes with their snatches! Man, these families have gone wild, I tell ya! Are you interested now? Well, go and watch, then!

adult flint stones

Nude Family Guy

Ok, we’re back to the Family Guy. As always, a beautiful styling, favorite characters and endless ingenuity – all to make a perfect series of toon porn pics for you! Enjoy Glenn fucking Lois’ warm mouth on the stadium, Joe Swanson and Tom Tucker nailing her to the fence on the backyard, Stewie and Brian destroying her bandaged, Meg massaging her mother’s holes with two huge dildos and Brian using his hose to hammer Lois’ pussy while she’s asleep. Our designers managed to create something fresh for you, and they tried their best, so offer these to your friends – they’ll only thank you for such a hint!

nude family guy porn