Buffy porn

A lovely blonde and a fearless vampire slayer – that’s who she is. Hot Buffy, the ultimate girl with the stake and silver bullets. No wonder we’ve chosen her for our today’s series. She gets fucked by a vampire right on the grave, she sucks Dracula’s mighty cock, takes all the sperm she can get from a guy right on her lovely face, masturbates with two stakes and poses holding them with giant moon on the background. A nice blonde with plump lips, big eyes, huge round tits and a sexy ass – all we had is to add a little soul to the scene and it revived!

Buffy porn

Asterix and Obelix

Some guy wrote a letter to our support three days ago. Don’t remember exactly who it was, but he gave us a marvelous idea – he asked for Asterix porn series. We were so excited – that was one of our hot favorite toons! So it was not hard for the artist to draw a few sketches, paint it all up and finish the whole series in no time. And now we’ve got Asterix and his best friend Obelix having two gorgeous and very tight girls in their snatches, asses and warm mouths. Watch that blonde riding Obelix’s 20 inch hose or Asterix playing 69 with her!

asterix sex

Aladdin porn

A week ago we’ve decided to make an Aladdin porn series, as this theme has become rather popular. But – we’ve managed to add some spice to common scenes, so now we have busty Jasmine nailed in the ass, sultan fucks his beautiful daughter’s face in an ultimate incest scene, Razoul fucks Jasmine holding her braid. Then our imagination overcame any possible boundaries, and we’ve drawn Abu sticking a banana into Jasmine ass and had her having sex with a gorgeous cat woman. All the styling is kept similar to the original movie – just added some gleaming for the skin. A wonderful and unique series of Aladdin sex pics – enjoy!

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