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The Flinstones – porn sequel

Good old Flinstone family. What can you wait from them? You’ve seen different sex scenes starring them, and nobody could possibly surprise you. Wrong! ‘Cause we can. And we do. Watch the Flinstone and Rubble families having an unbelievable sex orgy, with Fred and Wilma fucking 69, Barney and Fred covering their wifes’ faces with hot semen, fucking them on the cars and dinosaurs. But the girls are desperate for sex anyway, and they want more, so they climb a huge dinosaur and ride his spikes with their snatches! Man, these families have gone wild, I tell ya! Are you interested now? Well, go and watch, then!

adult flint stones

The Flinstones

It would be quite thoughtless of us not to pay attention to the Flinstones theme. Seriously – I loved that toon when I was a child: the stone age, funny dinosaurs used instead of furniture and household appliances, weird cars and stuff – isn’t that great? No wonder we turned our sight towards this crazy family. Our artists have prepared for you several toon sex scenes: Fred filling Wilma’s mouth with his semen, the same couple fucking by the swamp, Barney Rubble destroying Betty’s ass on the carpet and even doing her while flying on a hang glider! Oh, yeah, almost forgot – one bonus scene from our funny guys. Wilma is screaming as she’s nailed by a monster gorilla’s cock.

adult flintstones