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Sexy Marge sucking cock and getting fucked hard!

Wouldn’t you love to live in Springfield so you could get your dick sucked by hotties like Marge Simpson? Homer comes home and finds her sucking another man’s dick! It’s kind of kinky, don’t you think? He has no clue she is always going to the bar so Moe and Barney can fuck her while he is at work! Doesn’t she look amazing with all that hard cock up her ass, pussy and mouth? Homer gets even fucking a hot country singer while Marge’s sisters share a hard cock! Do you like all these naughty Springfield girls?

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The sequel to the Simpsons

The Simpsons is a unique cartoon serial, which has multiple secondary characters, each with a different life story. As we use those characters in our cartoon porn pics, it gives us a huge variety of plot and design details. Today we present another good series about your favorite toon heroes. Here is Willie and father Lovejoy fucking Petty right in the church, Snake nailing Brandine to the hood of his car, mr. Burns and Smithers torturing the blue-haired beauty, Barney hammering mrs. Hoover, Bart and Milhouse fucking the school cheerleader, who’ll do anything for a couple of bucks. All packed and ready – have a nice watch!

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